“We are Prajna kids”, song by kids at Puduvai center, Hyderabad.

Kids at our center delivered a nice song to the little world around them!

“We are Prajna kids” is a song sung by kids at PRAJNA Class, Boduppal, Hyderabad, India to inspire people around them to keep our country clean, green and beautiful while themselves remaining clean at body, mind and soul! They tell people to look at the world around as a creation of the Supreme Lord.

See God everywhere, in everything. By doing this, one automatically does good, becomes good. Thus, every act becomes a service to God! This is their message.

Their one liner goes (Swamiji’s own message to all of us) -“Serve all beings as service to God; worship your own, respect all!’

The tune of this song was inspired by the popular ‘hum honge kamyaab’ kids usually sing in schools.

Song composed by Divya Ramanujadasi.

Please below link or the picture to watch the video song.
(Ensure Captions are ON to be able to read the running lyrics)



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