Prajna – A Program Empowering Our Kids with Rich Knowledge

About Prajna:
Prajna is a part of Jeeyar Educational Trust and was established to promote moral values and to share our culture and heritage. Prajna is the ability to translate knowledge into action. Prajna makes our life a joyful voyage.

Our Mission:
To empower our students with commendable knowledge.

To preserve and to spread moral values and cultural heritage.

What do we learn?
• Rich Vedic culture and heritage
• Knowledge of usages, customs, and practices
• Meaningful prayers for different situations
• Public speaking, leadership skills, and management skills
• Service to society, learning respecting others and caring for Nature

Structure of Prajna:
• Overview of Vedic literature
• Supporting textbooks and workbook activities
• 10 chapters of Bhagawad Githa and the Upanishads
• Stories of Rushis, Seers, Acharyas, and more
• Yoga and meditation
• Bhajans, Stories, and Daily Prayers

Meet Our Central Team:
• Prapanna Vaisaradi: sarada.sripada@prajna4me.org
• Sarma Allakki: sarma_allakki@prajna4me.org
• Ramanujamma Mudumbai: rmudumbai@prajna4me.org

Know More about Our Modules:
Module 1, Module 2, Module 3, Module 4, Module 5,
Module 6, Module 7, Module 8, Module 9, Module 10