Ratha Saptami observed…!

A waste bottle converted to a nice show piece.
A coconut shell converted to depiction of Matsya Avatara.
Simple drawing and colouring of Lord Krushna.

On the occasion of Ratha Saptami, today’s class began with offering worship to the Sun God. This was done as a group activity. Each child was given water and all of them collectively offered Arghyam to the Sun God.

A new sloka was taught. After this, kids exhibited their talent in converting waste material into useful products. The best part was they did it as a SERVICE TO GOD. For example, Bhavana, class 6 converted a used coconut into a Fish. She decorated it in a way that it looked like MATSYA AVATARA of the Lord!
Rangapriya, class 1 did a nice drawing of Lord Krushna.
The class ended with a loud chanting of the Lord’s Name!


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