Prajna UAE New Center in Mussafah, Abu Dhabi

Jai Srimannarayana !!!

PRAJNA UAE is glad to start a New Prajna Center in Mussafah, Abudhabi…..Sriman. Vivekanandaji, Anantakrishnanji & Lalithaji organized the introductory class. PRAJNA UAE team from Dubai & Sharjah consisting of Sriman. Ranganathji, Bhanukumarji, Rameshji and Srinivasji took the introductory class and explained about Prajna in Brief to the parents present. There was questions and answers session in which the doubts were clarified.20160109_122920

The children were very enthusiastic to learn Prajna.

Also, PRAJNA UAE team visited Sriman Srinivas Pukkalaji house accompanied by Sriman. Vivekananda where they spent some time and explained about Prajna.


We wish the New center Best of Luck.


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