Prajna Delhi Chapter – Completed Module 1 – Chanting at TTD Delhi

Jai Srimanna:ra:yana!


With the blessings of Swami ji, Sarada ji and the Almighty, Prajna Delhi Chapter completed its first Module 1. We had the divine opportunity to offer Module 1 slo:kas and Bhajans at Lord Venkateswara’s feet at Tirumala Tirupathi Devasthanam’s temple at Delhi. Children (Sneh, Shikar, Krishna, Anuhyaa, Simi, Hansika) and parents felt blessed. Attached is the photo taken outside the temple. Children are excited to move to Module 2.


Jai Srimanna:ra:yana!


Sneh, Shikar, Krishna, Simi, Hansika, Anuhya, Srijita and Srijanya chanted Module 1 Slokams and Bhajans for the pleasure of the Lord at TTD, Delhi.

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