Parents Orientation Program, Puduvai center, Hyderabad

July 24th 2016

At Puduvai, on July 24th 2016, was held a grand meeting calling ALL parents in the neighbourhood.

This was the Prajna Parents Orientation Program!!

The purpose was to enlighten the need for Prajna for every kid, how it can change the society positively.

By HH Swamiji’s grace, it was a GRAND SUCCESS! Many parents shared their noble thoughts on how each home can bring up wonderful human beings, how Prajna brought drastic, positive changes in their kids! They all promised to encourage and motivate more and more people to get their kids enrol in Prajna.POP2

The session began with a Prayer to Acharya and the Supreme Lord. We had delivered a PPT presentation throwing light on the real causes of problem in today’s youth and how Prajna can help make world a better place to live in!  This was followed by an impressive explanation on why kids need to follow the Prajna Checklist.  There was an active interaction with the parents.  Quick snacks were served.

The session ended with a feedback form given to all parents who returned it with their valuable inputs.

All this went seamlessly well only due to HH Swamiji’s grace and the Lord’s order!

Jai Sriman Narayana!


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