Kids implemented “Serve all beings as service to God!”

February 5th, 2017

Charity to the poor, love to the Orphans!


Kids here at Puduvai, Boduppal center exhibited their purity in heart by voluntarily desiring to delight the Orphan kids near our center with surprise gifts! We arranged for the same.  Each of the 20 kids brought their best of gifts for these kids at SHRADDHA ORPHANAGE. Before gifting these, they did not forget to place all those before the Lord and surrender the whole act as HIS lotus feet!

Apart from this, kids also brought variety of vegetables, rice, pulses, fruits and clothes to be given in charity to the old, poor and needy on the streets. After they generously donated those items, they unanimously came and said, “In deed, so many of those people are going to be eating PRASADAM of the Lord! We had offered all those items to Him, so it is prasadam that was distributed!”

It is only due to HH Swamiji’s mangalasasanams on them that all these simple acts become seamlessly successful acts of God!

Jai Sriman Narayana!


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