Community Service by Prajna, Puduvai, Hyderabad!

August 7, 2016

By HH Swamiji’s grace and the Supreme Lord’s blessings, PRAJNA kids have begun working towards a beautiful world!

Yes, they have taken over a continual community service. The activity involves keeping the community CLEAN, GREEN & BEAUTIFUL.

They began their wonderful activity with a prayer to Lord Vishwaksena to keep all obstacles away. Here’s what they did –

PRAJNA kids at our center adopted a colony each for maintaining community cleanliness, greenery and environmental beauty!!!

They painted open rocks, they did ‘make-up’ to manholes and made them look ‘cute’!!  They hung reminder boards at corners of the streets and even picked up waster papers wherever needed!  They also did door to door campaigning about how each one needs to do their bit!

For those who live with the ‘none-can-change-this-country’ attitude,  these little show us how SMALL drops ocean MIGHTY!!

Their selfless work sends a clear message –

Let’s do OUR bit, spread and encourage others to do theirs….and the world becomes a great place to live in!
JAI BHARAT! Happy Independence Eve!!


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