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Jai Srimannarayana!

With the blessings from HH Sri ChinnaJeeyar Swami ji, we are pleased to start Srimad Bhagavad GithaAvadhanam classes on February 7, 2019. Anyone 8 years and above is encouraged to join these online classes to learn 18 chapters of Githa, recitation, and memorization.

Githa is considered a divine manual to lead a successful life. By learning Avadhanaprakriyas (types) students will gain memory retention, spontaneity, critical thinking, and presentation skills. Our resident acharya, Sarada ji will guide these classes across the globe between February and November 2019.
We will accept any student who demonstrates 3 P's, i.e. Promise, Practice and Preserve.
All students are required to pay the deposit of $150. Those students who demonstrate all Avadhanaprakriyastought in the class will be able to re-collect the deposit in November 2019. Qualified students will get a chance to perform Avadhanam at Bhagavad Ramanuja Sahasarbdhi event in November 2019.

Please register immediately by following the enrollment process guide

Please review FAQ for further information

How many classes per week?

Per week, two online classes: Monday and Thursday. One additional in-person class at local Prajna centers will be available for testing purposes.

What's the length of each class?

Each online class will be approximately 45 minutes. If students have further questions, a class might be extended to a maximum of one hour. The length of the in-person class is determined by local Prajna center.

What’s the class timing?

Each online class will start at 8 PM local time zone.

How much time commitment is required?

In case students would like to learn all 18 chapters and master avadhanaprakriyas:

  • Attend online classes from February to November 2019.
  • Absentees are required to work with teacher to get ready for the next class.
  • Memorization of 20 slokas per week might take 1/2 hour every single day which depends on the student practice.
  • Continuous attendance and preparation is a must.

What's the age criteria for enrollment?

Anyone 8 years and above, able to read English, and able to follow teacher directions are qualified to enroll.

Is everyone capable of doing avadhanam?

Yes. A normal human brain is capable of memorizing 2.5 Petabytes of the data. Our rishis have blessed us sprint based techniques to memorize and recollect. All students who demonstrate the continuous practice are capable of doingavadhanam.

What is avadhanam?

Avadhānaṃ is a literary performance popular from the very ancient days in India .Avadhānaṃ originated as a Sanskrit literary process and is revived by Telugu poets in modern times. The performance includes spontaneous responses by the presenter (Avadhani) for the questions raised by the audience.

What are the qualifications to participate in the Avadhanam event at Sahasrabdhi, November 2019?

The student needs to have mastered all 18 chapters and avadhanaprakriyas taught in the classes.

Can I enroll for classes without attending the Sahasrabdhi event?

Yes. Attendance at the Sahasrabdhi event is not required. However, we consider that it's an excellent opportunity for students to display their skills.

Why are you collecting the deposit of $150?

To seek the commitment to learning all 18 chapters.

Will I get multi-student discount?


When will you refund the deposit?

The deposit will be refunded to all those students have mastered 18 chapters of Githa and Avadhanaprakriyas taught. Our resident acharya, Sarada ji will test each student their skills in Avadhanaprakiryas with all 18 chapters in October 2019. Upon successful completion of the test, student will get the refund.

How do I register for these classes?

How will I pay the deposit?

Through PayPal on our website: prajna.jeeyarapps.org

How will you refund the deposit?

Through PayPal.

Who will teach classes?

Prajna teaching volunteers under the guidance of our resident acharya, Sarada ji.

Will you teach classes during the summer, 2019?

Yes, classes are planned from February till October 2019.

Will I get refunded if I've missed classes during the summer?


Will I get refunded if I want to discontinue the classes?


What's the medium of teaching?


Will you provide material?

The material will be provided through our website. Students are required to print out for attending the class and practice.

Which language will the material be?


How do I practice for avadhanam?

Follow teacher directions that will be given during the class.

How many students will you accept?

No limit. Anyone 8 years and above is welcome to join.

What's the teacher, student ratio?

We will have a maximum of 10 students per teacher.

Will you stop accepting students after reaching cap of 10?

No. We will form a new class if there are more than 10 students.

What's the parents' involvement?

One of the parents is required to attend every class. We encourage parents to learn the same content that is given to children.

In case parents join the class, do they need to pay the deposit?


Are these classes for USA based students only?

No. We are accepting students from USA, UK, Australia, Singapore, Germany, Canada, India, and many other countries.

How Sume:dha class is different from PrajnaBhagavad Githa Modules?

Sume:dha class is designed to prepare students to master all 18 chapters with AvadhanaPrakriyas. At Prajna, for the Bhagavad Githa module, we will continue to teach one chapter per year with in depth knowledge.

I have more questions, where to contact?

  • Sarada ji at sarada.sripada@gmail.com
  • Vishwa ji at vish.kolla@gmail.com
  • Rajesh ji at prajnaseattle@outlook.com