Kids enjoy bliss of unalloyed devotion towards God!

February 7th, 2016

Today’s PRAJNA class was rather special! It was a combination of learning, working and enjoyment of divine bliss!

Section A kids completed their work-books.
Section B kids learnt new sloka of Module 1.

A few kids displayed their talents in drawing, handicrafts, achievements, etc.

A small animation movie on ‘RAS KHAN’, a great devotee of Lord Krushna was shown to the kids. This was something that really captured kids’ hearts. Some kids had tears in their eyes as they enjoyed the bliss of unalloyed devotion towards the Supreme Lord!! : – ) They were thrilled to know how the Lord bestows His mercy on anyone who has pure love for Him, irrespective of caste, creed religion, etc.

Class ended with an uproar of the Lord’s divine Names.

All purely because of Acharya’s mangalasasanams!
Jai Sreemannarayana!


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