Center: Hyderabad

Lanco Hills Center – Meditation, Does meditating upon God help God or Me? asked a student

Hasini, a student of Prajna Module 1 asked the following: Can meditating upon God help God somehow ? What does it do to me when I meditate, does it help only me? or God or even others? I was happy to entertain such a question and let the rest of the students ponder and answer the kid who asked that question. Each of them

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Lanco Hills Centre – Prajna Module 2 – Why does a God need weapons ? Why does he have to kill ? asked a student

Goda (a student of Prajna module 2) asked me why God needs weapons when they are learning Pancha:yudha Sthothram as part of Module 2. God does not need a weapon, but there are several devotees of God who want to stay with him forever, and God gives them an opportunity to hang on with him by becoming the holy weapons or ornaments. These weapons

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Lanco Hills Centre – Prajna Module 1 – Why are there no ‘women’ Rushis asked a student

Pranathi of Module 1 Prajna class at Lanco Hills Centre asked me, ‘Ma’m, why are there no women rushis – why is it always men shown as rushis ?, Women never meditated on Lord ?’ Fortunately, timing was good. I have told them about how Go:da / A:da:l , a girl who had conquered the heart of Lord in the most beautiful way, ‘through

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Children & Daily Checklist, Prajna, Puduvai, Boduppal, Hyderabad

Children at Prajna, Boduppal, Hyderabad have been sincerely following a CHECKLIST in their day-to-day activities. This Checklist has been designed for these children based on Gi:ta Jyothi Personality Development charts.  They are divided into 2 types – A & B.  The ‘A’ type is for children above 7 years who understand the concepts of Ama:nithvam, Ahimsa, Soucham, etc. The type ‘B’ is for tiny

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Lanco Hills Center: Ancestors – Monkeys or Rushis , Module 2 – Panchayudha Sthothram

Module 2 – pancha:yudha sthothram completed Module 1 – 17 slokas completed Concept covered: Are our ancestors monkeys or rushis ? Children were amazed to learn that what they learnt as part of evolution theory in science is not what Vedas say about our ancestors. We have also discussed, talked about how science proves something at a point of time, and can disprove the

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Lanco Hills Center: When can I see God ? asked a student in the class…

When can I see God ? asked a student in the class… Another student: When there is a bad person in the world and he is destroying everything, then God comes and kills him One other student: But there are so many bad people now , why is he not coming Ma’m ? Myself: What our Swamiji says is: whenever there is at least

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Children talking to Sri Krushna! Prajna, Boduppal, Hyderabad

Children at Prajna class, Boduppal, Hyderabad did Dhya:nam during which they were asked to welcome Lord Krushna into their hearts. They did it very sincerely and each one said they spoke to their ‘best friend’ Krushna through their hearts. The special lesson on Dhanurma:sam was taught to them;  they asked many inquisitive questions about Go:da De:vi. In a quick quiz, each of them out beat

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Yoga at Prajna, Boduppal, Hyderabad

At PRAJNA Class, children perform Yoga very energetically. They perform asanas starting from Vajrasana, Shashankasana, Suta Vajrasana, etc and end with Shavaasana. Initially they found it difficult to do it. But, now they easily do it – one better than the other! All because of HHH Swamiji;s mangalasasanams.  

Prajna children in a Krushna-Meditation Session

Children at Prajna, Puduvai center, Hyderabad immersed in a Krushna Meditation session. In this session, they are first given 2 mins to thoroughly look at a big idol of Lord Krushna which is kept in front of them. After that, they close their eyes, visualize that same form of Lord Krushna and talk to Him in their minds.

‘No Plastic Usage’ campaign by children at Prajna

With lot of zeal and enthusiasm, children at Prajna, Puduvai center, Boduppal worked on a NO PLASTIC USAGE campaign. They prepared paper bags and distributed to each family in the neighborhood.  They went door-to-door and explained each family about the hazard of plastic usage.  To explain this, they prepared creative placards, charts and delivered a small 2-min speech to each family.  The parents were

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