Center: Puduvai Center

Yoga at Prajna, Boduppal, Hyderabad

At PRAJNA Class, children perform Yoga very energetically. They perform asanas starting from Vajrasana, Shashankasana, Suta Vajrasana, etc and end with Shavaasana. Initially they found it difficult to do it. But, now they easily do it – one better than the other! All because of HHH Swamiji;s mangalasasanams.  

Prajna children in a Krushna-Meditation Session

Children at Prajna, Puduvai center, Hyderabad immersed in a Krushna Meditation session. In this session, they are first given 2 mins to thoroughly look at a big idol of Lord Krushna which is kept in front of them. After that, they close their eyes, visualize that same form of Lord Krushna and talk to Him in their minds.

‘No Plastic Usage’ campaign by children at Prajna

With lot of zeal and enthusiasm, children at Prajna, Puduvai center, Boduppal worked on a NO PLASTIC USAGE campaign. They prepared paper bags and distributed to each family in the neighborhood.  They went door-to-door and explained each family about the hazard of plastic usage.  To explain this, they prepared creative placards, charts and delivered a small 2-min speech to each family.  The parents were

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