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Sri Lakshmi Hayagri:va Pooja on August 10 2014 in Australia

jñānānanda mayaṃ de:vaṃ nirmala sphaṭikākṛutiṃ  ādhāraṃ sarvavidyānaṃ hayagrīvaṃ upā:smahe With the Divine Mangalasasanams from Sri Sri Sri Tridandi Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji JET Australia Foundation – Perth is organizing Sri Lakshmi Hayagri:va Pooja on 10/08/2014 for the benefit of children  Have the divine blessings of Lord Hayagri:va, The god of Knowledge and Wisdom Time: 6.00 PM to 7.00 PM Venue: Bentley Community Centre Nyamup Way, Manning WA Pooja will be Performed by the Children  under the guidance of Sriman Sridharacharya. (Pooja Kits

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Prajna Summer Camps in North America 2014

Welcome to the registration page of 2014 Prajna Summer Camps in North America. This is unique opportunity for your kid(s) to experientially learn our culture in a 5 day setting. The curriculum has been carefully designed to help stimulate the brains of your kid(s) and help them work in teams and become confident of themselves. Specifically, your kid(s) will learn and practice Yoga, learn

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